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Also names YWCA USA and Canada as the brand’s 2017 nonprofit partners

The company also announced that from February 1, 2017 through January 31, 2018, Treasure&Bond will support the efforts of YWCA associations in the United States and Canada. In the U.S., funds will support YWCA USA’s TechGYRLS initiative, which works to raise interest, confidence, and abilities in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) among girls aged nine to 12. Annually, 260,000 girls, children, youth and teens are building their futures at YWCA through programs including girls’ empowerment, TechGYRLS and other STEM programs. Eight-nine percent of TechGYRLS participants reported an increase in their self-esteem and that same percentage identified at least three non-traditional careers they could attain. Seventy-two percent of those served in YWCA girls’ empowerment, children’s, youth and teen programs have incomes at or below the federal poverty level.

TechGYRLS teaches girls how to use technological tools and enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills,” said Tycely Williams, vice president of development, YWCA USA. “The program offers girls a supportive environment in which to enhance their curiosity and overall knowledge in the areas of design, animation, programming and robotics. We also know that exposure to this type of programming provides girls with the confidence and skills they need to achieve excellence in any profession they chose to pursue. We are thrilled to have Nordstrom support this effort.”

Upcoming Events

YWCA Holiday Bazaar– Saturday 12/9/17, 10am-2pm.  Come in from the cold and finish up your Christmas shopping while you support local, female-owned businesses.

Shop Talk with Jessie Garcia- Tuesday 1/16/18 5pm-8pm-  Work-Life Balance: Is it an option for Mothers?

The headlines and news reports remind us of the challenges facing mothers today: the costs of childcare compared to earning potential; the lack of jobs with flexible work hours; the need for high-quality childcare; the discrepancy in salaries between men and women, etc. Mothers in Wisconsin are struggling with questions of how much to work, where, and for whom. In this talk, well-known Wisconsin sportscaster Jessie Garcia shares her personal experiences trying to balance two kids, a husband, two cats and a high-profile job that required her to look perky on the air even when she had slept only one hour the night before. Jessie wrote a book about her experiences and will share photos and stories from that book, as well as take questions and open a dialogue with women and men about the subject of working and parenting. Let’s get real, Wisconsin, and talk about what life is like in the trenches these days, from diapers to grumbling teenagers. Jessie will have you laughing and thinking. She opens up about her personal life in an effort to get us all talking about the challenges, and joys, of working and raising a family.


Past Events

9/13- Town Hall Meeting- Community After Charlottesville. 5-7PM

People for the Power of Love (PFPL) and YWCA Wausau would like to invite you to attend

“Community After Charlottesville: A Town Hall Meeting”

The recent events in Charlottesville have brought about much concern and fears in our local community regarding the possibility of hate groups coming to demonstrate in Wausau and the surrounding areas. We’ve seen an increase in the number of individuals in our community proudly displaying confederate flags on their vehicles and homes. There are local hate groups holding events already in our backyards. Where are they, you ask? Come find out at our upcoming town hall meeting and help to make our community safer.

This town hall meeting will focus on addressing three main points:

-How prepared are we as a local community to deal with hate groups such as the KKK, White nationalists, white supremacists, and neo-nazis that may decide to demonstrate in our area?
-Free speech vs. hate speech: When is freedom of speech no longer free speech?
-Policy perspective: What local policies do we currently have in place that address these concerns?

A panel of local community leaders will be joining us to share their perspectives. We also want to hear your thoughts, questions, and ideas. Please join us on Wednesday, September 13th. Due to limited space, please register at the following link so we can plan accordingly:

9/23- The YWCA’s 97th Birthday Party 11AM-1PM

9/27- Speaker Mary Hilliker- Yoga for Anxiety & Panic 6-7:30 PM

10/10- Women in Beer Shop Talk with Tami Plourde 6-8PM

10/16-10/20- Week Without Violence- events daily

10/19- Design a Life You Love with Allison Michels Liddle 6-8PM