Empowerment & Economic Advancement

The YWCA Wausau offers programs to help educate and empower women in our community by promoting physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and economic development. For more information about our programs, contact us at 715-842-3381.


10/10- Women in Beer- Shop Talk with Tami Plourde of Pearl Street Brewing, LaCrosse. 6-8PM

Co-sponsored by MCDEVCO

It is no secret that the beer industry has been dominated by men for most of its history. However, the sudsy ceiling is slowly but surely being raised by a growing group of women making waves as brewers, marketers, and CEOs. Tami Plourde has been around long enough to notice the changes. In her early days, when she approached bars or retailers, they assumed she was there to sell them wine, not beer. Thirteen years later, she is in good company and has earned the respect of her peers, male and female. As a part owner of one of Wisconsin’s smaller craft breweries, Tami has defied expectations and helped to shape the evolving story of beer in Wisconsin. In this talk, she shares her story and recognize the other women, like Deb Carey, the CEO of New Glarus Brewing Company and Ashley Kinart, the newly appointed Brewmaster for Capital Brewing Company, who together are opening doors for a new generation of women who are both excited and well qualified to walk through those doors.


10/19- Design a Life You Love with Allison Michels Liddle 6-8PM

Co-Sponsored by MCDEVCO

In an uplifting keynote speech, Allison will share her personal transformation journey to grow herself, her business, and her life as she talks about Life Under Construction: Empowering You to Design a Life You Love. During her presentation you’ll learn a process she calls “The Steps to Empower Yourself”.  Allison’s book will be available for purchase.